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As the driving force behind D-Day Gin I want to honour my late grandfather Albert Taylor, who served as a British soldier under General Montgomery during World War II. This gin is atribute to his heroism. On the 6th of June 1944 the British landed on Gold Beach in Normandy. This “Gold Edition” is a special batch, for the 75th anniversary of D-Day. The successful recipe of “D-Day Gin” was retained and laid on French oak. This process gives the gin its beautiful golden colour, resulting in a balanced rich gin that is perfectly pure to drink.

The Taste of Freedom
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How to serve?

Name: Albert Taylor

Initials: A.E.L.

Date of birth: 18th March 1920

Birthplace: Fulham - London

Army No.: 983026

Regiment: The Green Howards

Arm of Service: Infantry

Rank: L/Cpl

Calling up for service: 16th May 1940

Military Conduct: Very Good

Albert Taylor
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